Audi von Weber Hydraulik: Beschriftete Folie macht das Fahrzeug zum mobilen Werbeträger. Effektive Möglichkeit, um das Unternehmen auf der Straße zu präsentieren.

Vehicle signage

Vehicle signage has become an essential marketing strategy in the modern advertising world. Whether on trucks, trailers, cars, vans, or buses, vehicle signage transforms every vehicle into a mobile advertising space that carries the company name across the country. Both company vehicles and private cars can become effective mobile ambassadors for your brand in this way.

As specialists in top-quality vehicle signage, our dedicated team works closely with you to design a custom vinyl wrap that meets your specific needs. With our use of durable high-performance vinyl films, we ensure that your vehicle advertising withstands changing weather conditions and daily wear and tear.

In addition, we also offer an on-site service where we install the vinyl wraps before the vehicle is handed over. With our expertise in vehicle signage, your vehicle becomes a striking and effective advertising tool that prominently represents your company in public.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or to place your vehicle signage order with us.

Car wrapping

In the field of vehicle vinyl signage, there are two options available: adding a simple advertising text to your vehicle or opting for car wrapping. Car wrapping can be used not only for advertising vinyl signage but also for changing the vehicle’s design.

Car wrapping is a method where the vehicle is fully or partially covered with vinyl film, giving it a new look or protecting the original paintwork.

When car wrapping is professionally done, the surface of your vehicle will appear nearly indistinguishable from a regular paint job. The specialty film we use for car wrapping is of the highest quality and extremely weather-resistant.

Das Bild zeigt einen VW Transporter der Firma Gebrüder Weiss, der komplett mit Folie beschriftet wurde. Durch das sogenannte Carwrapping nutzt das Unternehmen das Zustellauto als effektive Werbefläche und kann seine Dienstleistungen effektiv bewerben. Mit diesem Transporter ist Gebrüder Weiss in der Lage, Güter sicher und zuverlässig zu transportieren und gleichzeitig Aufmerksamkeit für das Unternehmen zu generieren.

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