Color Chart

Attached is an excerpt of all the common colors available for our tarpaulin qualities 🖈 650 g/m² and 🖈 900 g/m². All RAL specifications are approximate values, and there may be slight differences between tarpaulin colors and RAL colors.

Please note that these colors are approximate values. If you are unsure, we can also send you a color sample for reference.


RAL 9006


RAL 9010

Rape yellow

RAL 1021

Signal yellow

RAL 1003

Pure orange

RAL 2004

Carmine red

RAL 3002

Traffic red

RAL 3020

Ultramarine blue

RAL 5002

Gentian blue

RAL 5010

Light blue

RAL 5012

Cobalt blue

RAL 5013

Sky blue

RAL 5015

Moss green

RAL 6005

Opal green

RAL 6026

Grey white

RAL 9002

Light grey

RAL 7035

Agate grey

RAL 7038

Anthracite grey

RAL 7016

Jet black

RAL 9005