Pool cover

Having a pool in the garden is a pleasure every summer. To ensure you have more time for fun in the pool and less time for cleaning, a pool cover is a MUST.

Protect your pool from dirt such as flower pollen, leaves, sand, and insects. Feel secure with a professionally produced and installed pool cover, allowing children and pets to play in the garden unsupervised. Additionally, warm your pool water by a few degrees without incurring extra electricity costs.


With our modern machinery, including both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, we can provide our customers with high-quality, tailor-made pool covers in a flexible and fast production process.

Years of experience

Our customers benefit from 50 years of experience in this industry and the expertise of all our employees.

Made in Austria

With us, you get quality from Austria! All pool covers are manufactured at our location in Enns, Upper Austria.


The headquarters of our company is located in Austria, and we serve customers throughout the country.
In addition, we also serve customers throughout the entire EU and can ship our pool covers to you across borders.

Installation service

Our trained installation teams can come to your home upon request and take care of the professional installation of the roller shutter cover on your pool, ensuring compliance with applicable safety and technical regulations.

High-quality materials

The pool covers we manufacture are made from durable, PVC-coated polyester fabric on both sides. Additionally, the pool cover is reinforced longitudinally with aluminum pipes, making it capable of withstanding any situation.

Ein Hund steht sicher auf einer robusten Poolplane, demonstriert deren Stärke und Zuverlässigkeit als Schutzabdeckung.
To protect your loved ones


The roll-up safety cover installed by us is pet-friendly! With complete edge coverage and an aluminum support structure, it is impossible for dogs and cats to slip into the water on the sides of the pool. Furthermore, the support structure is of high stability, allowing animals – and depending on the model – even to stand on the roll-up safety cover without sinking into the pool.

This applies only when the pool is completely secured, walking on the cover is prohibited!

Eine hochwertige Rollschutzplane für den Pool sorgt für Sicherheit und Schutz vor Verschmutzungen.
Blue, grey, or perhaps yellow? square, oval, round?

Colors & Shapes

As we provide you with service – planning, manufacturing, and installation – all in one, we can be flexible and cater to your specific preferences. Therefore, there is a wide range of colors and shapes available for your swimming pool cover. We would be happy to advise you and provide an overview of the various options available.

1003 (RAL 1014) – Ivory

5003 (RAL 5012) – Light blue

7002 (RAL 7035) – Light grey

7024 – Grey

8020 (RAL 7032) – Pebble grey

7500 (RAL 9006) – Silver


Winter Cross against Snow Load

To protect your pool from environmental influences during winter, the use of snow load carriers is recommended.

The structures we offer have been statically designed to bear a snow load of up to 200 kg/m².

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