Tarpaulin made of tape fabric

A light tarpaulin is typically used for temporary covering and shielding of various objects both indoors and outdoors. The lightweight tarpaulin is made of sturdy and durable material, is waterproof, and provides reliable protection against environmental factors such as rain, sunlight, dust, and dirt.
It serves, for example, as a cover tarp for containers, as a work tarp for tasks around the house and garden, or as a versatile tarp for camping, outdoor activities, and agriculture.
In contrast to PVC tarpaulins, these tarps are much lighter in weight and can therefore be used for applications where conventional PVC tarps are too heavy. Naturally, the reduced weight also affects the UV stability and durability of the tarpaulin. Therefore, it is important to know for what purpose and how long the lightweight tarpaulin is intended to be used.
The lightweight tarpaulin is thus one of the best and most flexible solutions, making it the ideal choice for short-term use.

Product Description
  • PE-Tarpaulin with Double-Sided Coating
  • Hem and Grommets Approximately Every 50 – 100 cm
  • Temperature Resistance: Approximately -40°C to +80°C
  • UV Stabilized
Sizes / Weight & Color – Other formats and colors available upon request.
150 g/m² 150 g/m² 180 g/m² 180 g/m² 220 g/m² 260 g/m² 260 g/m² B1
green white white green green/white white white
2 x 2 m
2 x 3 m
3 x 4 m
3 x 5 m
3 x 6 m
3 x 8 m
4 x 4 m
4 x 5 m
4 x 6 m
4 x 8 m
5 x 6 m
5 x 8 m
6 x 8 m
6 x 10 m
6 x 12 m
6 x 14 m
8 x 10 m
8 x 12 m
8 x 14 m
10 x 10 m
10 x 12 m
10 x 15 m
10 x 20 m

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