RSAB - Airtube: A Turning Point in Transport Safety

With the arrival of winter and its freezing temperatures, transport companies face recurring challenges, especially the dangerous accumulation of snow and ice on truck tarps. Here, the RoofSafetyAirBag (RSAB) system offers a tested and proven solution to prevent this very issue. Through a simple yet extremely effective method, the truck’s roof tarp is lifted, allowing water to drain off and preventing the formation of ice.

A Detailed Look at How RSAB Works

The RSAB system is based on an air tube positioned between the roof tarp and the bows. By filling the tube with air, the tarp is raised by about 175 mm, turning the flat roof surface into a pitched roof, which allows accumulated water to drain off to the sides. Activating the system is incredibly simple and can remain effective for up to a week, even on detached trailers.

RSAB in Practice: Over 35,000 Success Stories

With over 35,000 deployments, the RSAB system has already proven itself in practice. Its adoption by leading trailer manufacturers such as SCHWARZMÜLLER, BERGER, SCHMITZ CARGOBULL, KRONE, and KÖGEL underscores its reliability and effectiveness. Whether integrated directly from the factory into new vehicles or as a retrofit in existing ones, RSAB offers a flexible solution for all types of vehicles.

The Impact of RSAB on Road Safety and Business Efficiency

By preventing the formation of ice sheets that can break off and cause accidents, RSAB significantly improves road safety. This not only saves lives but also protects businesses from financial and reputational damage associated with such incidents. Investing in RSAB demonstrates a commitment to safety and efficiency and shows a proactive approach to addressing the challenges of winter road traffic.

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