Cover (protective cover)

Das Bild zeigt eine Abdeckplane für ein Silo. Die Plane schützt den Inhalt des Silos vor Witterungseinflüssen und sorgt so dafür, dass das Material in einwandfreiem Zustand bleibt. Mit dieser Abdeckplane ist das Silo vor Regen, Schnee und Sonneneinstrahlung geschützt und gewährleistet so eine hohe Qualität des Materials.
Protection for the important things

In our range, you will find not only a wide selection of various protective covers made of high-quality materials but also custom-made options that can be created precisely according to your specifications. Especially in the household and garden areas, individual solutions are often required. That is why you can have your new cover customized according to your preferences with us, ensuring you receive a tailored product that precisely meets your requirements.

Our range not only offers a variety of expertly crafted protective covers but also custom-made options tailored to your individual needs. In collaboration with us, you can design the perfect fit – no matter how unique it may be!

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, with our service, you are guaranteed to be satisfied and meet all requirements at once.

All-around service

Custom-made products

After determining the appropriate measurements, we create custom-fit covers tailored to your specifications.

Years of experience

Our customers benefit from over 50 years of experience in this industry and the expertise of all our employees.

Made in Austria

With us, you get quality from Austria! All covers are produced at our location in Enns, Upper Austria.

National & International

From our headquarters in Austria, we serve customers throughout the country and beyond, covering the entire EU region.

Installation service

Our trained installation teams professionally assemble the custom-made cover for you, adhering to applicable safety and industry regulations.

Flexible production

With our modern production facilities, encompassing both semi-automatic and fully automated machines, we can provide our customers with flexible and fast completion of cover manufacturing.

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