Das Bild zeigt einen MAN LKW der Firma Gebrüder Weiß. Als große europäische Spedition bietet das Unternehmen mit diesem Transporter eine zuverlässige und effiziente Möglichkeit, Güter sicher von A nach B zu transportieren.

Full tarp

In our company, we manufacture tarps for various covers for trucks and cars, both for domestic and customs use. For these products, we use high-quality tarpaulin fabric with a weight of 🖈 650 g/m².

Depending on customer preferences, these can be equipped with rotary fasteners, buckles, snap straps, or vertical snap closures, ensuring quick and easy operation at all times. Furthermore, the tarps can also be equipped with a self-retracting rear section or Rollfix upon request.

No matter if you need a tarp for a car trailer, van, or a truck up to a length of 13.6 m (Jumbo-Liner), with us by your side, you’ll find comprehensive support all in one place.

Das Bild zeigt ein PKW-Pritschenfahrzeug von der Firma Peter Max mit einer beeindruckenden Vollplane inklusive Digitaldruck. Die Plane verfügt zudem über ein selbstaufrollendes Heck, das eine schnelle und einfache Beladung und Entladung des Fahrzeugs ermöglicht. Mit dieser Lösung bietet Karoplan ihren Kunden eine effektive Werbefläche und eine effiziente Möglichkeit, Waren sicher zu transportieren.
Creating unlimited possibilities to generate incredible designs.

5 years of color fastness in digital printing.

Solidskin provides an answer to high demands through the combination of
printed substrates and a unique coating.

  • high-gloss and long-lasting colors
  • Sealed dirt-repellent surface
  • reduction of cleaning frequency and costs.
  • no cracking and ink or paint dissolution.

A unique promise that allows you to plan for the long term with sustainability in mind. An attractive
mobile advertising space with high recognition value for your company.

Auf dem Bild ist ein beeindruckender DAF-LKW der Firma Frauenthal Service zu sehen, der mit einer neuen, digital bedruckten Plane ausgestattet ist. Diese hochwertige Plane verleiht dem LKW ein attraktives Erscheinungsbild und dient gleichzeitig als effektive Werbefläche.
Fleet-wide Design Change - Major Project

New Corporate Identity - Frauenthal Service

The Frauenthal Service project was no small feat. After a recent merger of various companies, a complete redesign of over 200 vehicles was necessary.

Our experienced team took on this challenge and managed to achieve the goal in an impressive three months. Each vehicle had to be labeled with the new logo and design elements to create a unified appearance that represents the newly merged organization.

Thanks to this impressive achievement, the vehicles of Frauenthal Service now shine in a new and exciting design.

All Round Service


After measuring your product, we produce custom-tailored tarps according to your preferences.

Years of experience

Our customers benefit from 50 years of experience in this industry and the expertise of all our employees.

Made in Austria

With us, you get quality from Austria! All covers are produced at our location in Enns, Upper Austria.

National & International

The headquarters of our company is located in Austria, and we serve customers throughout the entire country. In addition, we also serve customers throughout the entire European Union.

Installation service

Our trained installation teams expertly remove the outdated tarpaulin and professionally install the custom-made tarps for you, adhering to applicable safety and industry regulations.

Flexible production

Thanks to our modern machinery park, which includes both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, we can provide our customers with flexible and fast production of tarps with precise measurements.

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