Container tarpaulin

Abschüttcontainer mit Plane: Effektives Transportmittel für das schnelle Entladen von Schüttgütern. Die Plane schützt das Gut vor Witterungseinflüssen und ermöglicht eine einfache Reinigung des Containers.

Container covers

Container covers are an essential component of transporting and storing goods.

High-quality materials are essential in the production of tarpaulins to create a durable and resilient protective cover that shields the cargo from weather elements such as rain, wind, and sunlight.

Tarpaulins are available in various sizes and colors and can be custom-made according to specific needs. Professional consultation and customer service ensure that the tarps meet the specific requirements of the customers. Tarpaulins are not only functional but can also be aesthetically pleasing, providing a cost-effective solution for protecting goods and merchandise.

All Round Service


After measuring your product, we produce custom-tailored tarps according to your preferences.

Years of experience

Our customers benefit from 50 years of experience in this industry and the expertise of all our employees.

Made in Austria

With us, you get quality from Austria! All covers are produced at our location in Enns, Upper Austria.

National & International

The headquarters of our company is located in Austria, and we serve customers throughout the entire country. In addition, we also serve customers throughout the entire European Union.

Installation service

Our trained installation teams expertly remove the outdated tarpaulin and professionally install the custom-made tarps for you, adhering to applicable safety and industry regulations.

Flexible production

Thanks to our modern machinery park, which includes both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, we can provide our customers with flexible and fast production of tarps with precise measurements.

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